петък, 2 септември 2011 г.


1.I want my Lita-s now!No.I need them now!I'm not quite sure that /near future xD/ I'm going to order them in black ,but still.They are simply a must-have.Ain't I right?

2.I want to buy sth sheer,rly light,a shirt,preferably,but I'd settle for a sheer top/vest-like/ like this one too.Come to think of it this one is rly cute!

3.Of course.The two-finger cross ring.And I could have bought one.Such a disaster.Boyfriend's fault.

4.A new camera.Professional.Semi-prof or whatever it is called.def a Canon.Not exactly the one in the picture.

5.Sth cosmic.I'd die for a cosmic top.They are super gorgeous.

6.Scalloped shorts!Pure l-o-v-e!But not denim saclloped shorts.I want them in a peachy or white-ish colour or sth like that,sth soft.

7.A MAC lipstick.Not this particular colour...but I rly want one.Maybe it's gonna be a bold colour.

Some of these items may be a bit summer-y but I don't care , I want them anyway.

четвъртък, 25 август 2011 г.


Sometimes love is like a cloud.A heart-shaped one.
Before you know it the fluffy adorable thing changes its shape so dramatically that you forget how it looked in the first place.You look at it and you feel unhappy.It has turned into a monster.A evil dark cloud.And then you know it is going to rain.You know you should find an umbrella.But it is too late.You are out.Alone.With no umbrella.And the rain is pouring.You are soaking wet.Are you going to wait for a rainbow?
But sometimes..just sometimes,if you are lucky enough the heart-shaped cloud changes into someting beautiful,divine,the thing that fairy tales and cheesy romantic comedies describe.The cloud becomes a unicorn or a bunny or it doesnt resemble anything really,it is just that you are so deeply in love that it does look like heaven to you.
I have a thing for clouds,I'd even say I'd describe them as floating fluffy cotton candy.
I have a dream.And if I'm lucky enough one day it will come true.If I'm lucky enough..
p.s: i took this photo while I was travelling to the seaside :]

неделя, 7 август 2011 г.

Go out into the world.

Soo I know I'm super boring but I will be posting a post /xD / SOON that's not an ootd..maybe even today!I'm at the sea side and the water is great though the lifeguards do not really allow ppl to go where it is deeper..the waves were furious and we had a lot of fun.
I was reading Cosmo on the beach and there was an article on Mila Kunis ,who in fact is my newest obession!Such a cutie!This week I went to "Friends with benefits"' and i was like BESTT MOVIEE EVAAAA.I liked it so much more than "No strings attached".If you're into this kind of movies you'll love it.The soundtrack is great too.I`ll post one of the songs beneath.
Anyway this dress is thrifted,i think the pattern is really cute..it looks better when it's belted..the belt too is thrifted..and the heels-some random store that I don't really remember..I hope you're having a great summer!

Lots of love,

събота, 23 юли 2011 г.

The laughter penetrates my silence..

Top-Unkown brand
Shoes-Tally Weijl
Lipstick-Revlon Colorburst-Soft Rose

сряда, 6 юли 2011 г.

I wish you would dare to walk me home.

Red lips. Check.
Wedges. Check.
Ultra skinny low-rise jeans. Check.
Sheer camel top with a tassel. Check.
Black and gold bangles Check.
Gold earrings. Check.

I'm good to go.

Hey!Long time no see.I rly wanted to update the blog sooner,but i couldn't.So here's another OOTD.

The top is VERO MODA.I'm like really lovin it right now.I adore the tassel and camel IS love....
Also..cmon guys it's a off-shoulder top..u gotta love it.

Jeans-Bershka.Fav jeans at the moment.I have been looking for a decent low-rise jeans for months.. and the color is just great.They are super skinny but they do no prevent me from breathing.. xD

Wedges-Tally Weijl.I go them at the 50% sale soooo im pretty happy with them.They are like super duper comfy.The buckle is really nice too.They are a must-have.I think I'm obsessed with wedges..this is the third pair that I've bought for the past 2 weeks and I was like..really trying not to spend money..like..at all..so much for saving up..

Earrings-H&M.Bought them from Greece.They are not exactly gold.They are kind of like antique gold and the shape with all the detailing is just gorgeous.

Bangles-Primark.Of course.Basic jewellery.Where would I be buying basics from..
Every girl should have a few bangles just to put the final touch to an outfit...

I am really inspired.I have a lot of ideas for the blog..so stay tuned!

четвъртък, 16 юни 2011 г.

Feather love.

So here I am starting my blog again..

I'm Tsvety..you can call me whatever u like..my full name is -Tsvetelina..I'm from Plovdiv/Bulgaria,Europe/..and this fall I'm moving to London..I'll be studying Fashion Merchandise Management!I wanted to start this blog a long time ago so here it is..at last..

I still have no idea what it is going to be..I just know it will be a fashion blog and that I will be posting my outfits and everything and anything fashion-related...and..I guess I would be sharing...like...all the things that come to my mind..so good luck with that! xD I'm really excited about it..but let's just see how it turns out!

Sooo.. here's my 1st look...

Soo..current obsession-feathers.i love them!Those earring were bought to be taken apart..I was planning on using the feathers..but they are sooo gourgeous..I decided on buying more earrings..cuz I like making my own jewelry,although most of the times I just make sth super cute and then someone likes it and I have to give it to them cuz they are like..u can make ur own..but I dont..I hate making identical stuff..

I love those heels..studs are love..but they are THE MOST uncomfortable ones i own..okay...maybe I'm exaggerating a bit..but they really are awful..

The top is like...fake leather..it's rly cool..i think it was new yorker or sth .Jeans.-tally weijl..i loved that store...but they have been disappointing me lately..