четвъртък, 16 юни 2011 г.

Feather love.

So here I am starting my blog again..

I'm Tsvety..you can call me whatever u like..my full name is -Tsvetelina..I'm from Plovdiv/Bulgaria,Europe/..and this fall I'm moving to London..I'll be studying Fashion Merchandise Management!I wanted to start this blog a long time ago so here it is..at last..

I still have no idea what it is going to be..I just know it will be a fashion blog and that I will be posting my outfits and everything and anything fashion-related...and..I guess I would be sharing...like...all the things that come to my mind..so good luck with that! xD I'm really excited about it..but let's just see how it turns out!

Sooo.. here's my 1st look...

Soo..current obsession-feathers.i love them!Those earring were bought to be taken apart..I was planning on using the feathers..but they are sooo gourgeous..I decided on buying more earrings..cuz I like making my own jewelry,although most of the times I just make sth super cute and then someone likes it and I have to give it to them cuz they are like..u can make ur own..but I dont..I hate making identical stuff..

I love those heels..studs are love..but they are THE MOST uncomfortable ones i own..okay...maybe I'm exaggerating a bit..but they really are awful..

The top is like...fake leather..it's rly cool..i think it was new yorker or sth .Jeans.-tally weijl..i loved that store...but they have been disappointing me lately..