сряда, 6 юли 2011 г.

I wish you would dare to walk me home.

Red lips. Check.
Wedges. Check.
Ultra skinny low-rise jeans. Check.
Sheer camel top with a tassel. Check.
Black and gold bangles Check.
Gold earrings. Check.

I'm good to go.

Hey!Long time no see.I rly wanted to update the blog sooner,but i couldn't.So here's another OOTD.

The top is VERO MODA.I'm like really lovin it right now.I adore the tassel and camel IS love....
Also..cmon guys it's a off-shoulder top..u gotta love it.

Jeans-Bershka.Fav jeans at the moment.I have been looking for a decent low-rise jeans for months.. and the color is just great.They are super skinny but they do no prevent me from breathing.. xD

Wedges-Tally Weijl.I go them at the 50% sale soooo im pretty happy with them.They are like super duper comfy.The buckle is really nice too.They are a must-have.I think I'm obsessed with wedges..this is the third pair that I've bought for the past 2 weeks and I was like..really trying not to spend money..like..at all..so much for saving up..

Earrings-H&M.Bought them from Greece.They are not exactly gold.They are kind of like antique gold and the shape with all the detailing is just gorgeous.

Bangles-Primark.Of course.Basic jewellery.Where would I be buying basics from..
Every girl should have a few bangles just to put the final touch to an outfit...

I am really inspired.I have a lot of ideas for the blog..so stay tuned!

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