четвъртък, 25 август 2011 г.


Sometimes love is like a cloud.A heart-shaped one.
Before you know it the fluffy adorable thing changes its shape so dramatically that you forget how it looked in the first place.You look at it and you feel unhappy.It has turned into a monster.A evil dark cloud.And then you know it is going to rain.You know you should find an umbrella.But it is too late.You are out.Alone.With no umbrella.And the rain is pouring.You are soaking wet.Are you going to wait for a rainbow?
But sometimes..just sometimes,if you are lucky enough the heart-shaped cloud changes into someting beautiful,divine,the thing that fairy tales and cheesy romantic comedies describe.The cloud becomes a unicorn or a bunny or it doesnt resemble anything really,it is just that you are so deeply in love that it does look like heaven to you.
I have a thing for clouds,I'd even say I'd describe them as floating fluffy cotton candy.
I have a dream.And if I'm lucky enough one day it will come true.If I'm lucky enough..
p.s: i took this photo while I was travelling to the seaside :]

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